Okayama University holds Academic Year 2020 Autumn Matriculation Ceremony

October 01, 2020

Okayama University held its Autumn Matriculation Ceremony for undergraduates and graduate school students at the 50th Anniversary Hall on October 1. Twenty-six newly enrolled Discovery Program for Global Learners students and 83 graduate students started their campus life at Okayama University.

In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, attendees were limited to university and new students, as well as school and administration staff members. Furthermore, those eligible to attend were only allowed access to the hall after confirming that they were in good health.
In his speech, President MAKINO Hirofumi encouraged the newly enrolled students by saying, “As a student studying at a research university promoting the SDGs, we hope that you will learn many new things with your friends and colleagues that will enable you to produce and deliver innovative discoveries, skills, and applications to the world. With that purpose in mind, please enjoy the opportunities to experience the history and culture of the Okayama region as well as its rich natural environment. Today you are standing at a new gateway in your academic career. Step ahead and challenge yourself to forge a new path. We are here to support you!”

Representing the new students, NOMURA Yumeko, a student in the Discovery Program for Global Learners, took an oath, saying, “As the world becomes globalized, we must learn to celebrate our differences. While we grow as individuals gaining knowledge and independence, we will also work together and hold each other accountable to be inclusive. To achieve those ideals and reach our personal goals, the new students solemnly swear to dedicate ourselves to our studies with fervor and continue to build a brighter future.”

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