Our Mission Statement

Human society is facing the various environmental issues both globally and locally, such as water and air pollution, global warming, the reduction of natural resources, and destruction of environment, etc. To solve those environmental issues, the Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology was established in 1994 as the first faculty named with the word “Environment” in all the national universities in Japan.

Our mission is to provide an outstanding education to solve the various environmental issues from the viewpoint of Science and Technology and to foster competent human resources for the public and international expectation. We also provide education for fundamental knowledge and skills to harmonize the natural environment and human activities, the acquisition of social sciences and humanities, the fundamental theory linking to and joining with practical science, and the development of human resources for regional and global society. To achieve them, the faculty is composed of four departments: Department of Environmental and Mathematical Sciences, Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering, Department of Environmental Management Engineering, and Department of Environmental Chemistry and Material.

We push ahead with significant and innovative research related to quantitative analysis and mathematical modeling of the environmental issues, the design of spaces for harmonized human life and industrial activity, the use and management of land and aquatic resources for the harmonization of humans and nature, and the development of environmentally benign materials and creation of new energy.

We expect challenges from all prospective individuals highly motivated and competent to enrich the living environment.