Message from the Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology

Let's think about the global environment and open up a bright future together!

 Beautiful and irreplaceable Earth! Do you know the Earth’s environment is collapsing? And how are you thinking of protecting the Earth’s environment?
 The Earth suffers from many stresses caused by an explosive increase in population and changes in our lifestyle. The environment around us is drastically changing, and environmental issues have a serious impact both on our daily lives and on nature as well. We do not have much time left to stop an environmental collapse.
 In order to devise countermeasures, we need to analyze these issues, feel the pain of the Earth, and predict the future of our Earth precisely. And then, we have to devise a prescription based on this analysis and act immediately.
 The faculty of Environmental Science and Technology is a ‘Doctor for the Earth’. We are active in four main fields of education and research: mathematical analysis and prediction; design for human life; management and restoration of the natural environment and resources; and the creation of environmentally benign materials and new energy. Moreover, we educate our students to think deeply about these issues from the viewpoint of not only the natural sciences but also the humanities and the social sciences including culture, politics, economics, ethics and morality.
 The best way to improve our environment is to think more globally and take action in our daily lives with an environmental mindset:

 Thing globally; Act locally!

 What is your dream? This faculty has a wonderful dream to create “a safe and peaceful sustainable society” with you where human activities are harmonized with natural environments. Let's open up a bright future together.

Dean of Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology Kunio Kimura