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Department of Environmental Chemistry and Materials
 Environmental chemistry attempts to understand the relation between global environment and chemistry, how they interact with each other and better our environment. Because the activities of scientists and technologists alter our lives and the environment in so many ways, knowledge of environmental chemistry is becoming increasingly important.
 The Department of Environmental Chemistry and Materials aims to prepare students for careers in environmental chemistry or environmental chemical engineering, and to provide the basic knowledge needed to address many of society’s most pressing needs, such as the new sources of energy, providing renewable substitutes for dwindling resources, and protecting global environment. To accomplish these aims the department maintains an academic environment conducive to excellence in teaching and research in the fields of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and chemical engineering.

Staff and Research Projects

(As of Apr 1, 2018)
Research Areas Instructors Theme
Ceramic Materials Prof.
Tokuro NANBA
Development of ceramic materials for reducing environmental burden
Assoc. Prof.
Yasuhiko BENINO
Morphology control of functional glass and glass-ceramic materials
Inorganic Functional Material Chemistry Prof.
Development of eco-friendly inorganic materials
Assoc. Prof.
Development of functional inorganic materials for environmental protection and energy conversion
Advanced Organic Materials Assoc. Prof.
Advanced Materials Based on Dendrimers and/or Fullerenes
Sr. Asst. Prof.
Tomoyuki TAJIMA
Development of organic molecular devices containing main group elements
Environmental Polymer Chemistry Prof.
Creation of environmentally benign polymerization system and polymer materials
Assoc. Prof.
Design of high-peformance environmental polymeric materials based on high-order structual control
Asst. Prof.
Development of catalysts for the recycling of energy and resources
Environmental Process Engineering Prof.
Yukitaka KIMURA
Design for environmental process using subcritical water
Assoc. Prof.
Design and Development of Novel Separation Process, Associating with Formation of Heterogeneous Phase at Interface with Dynamic Ordered-Structure
Environmental Reaction Engineering Prof.
UDDIN Md. Azhar
Development of Catalysts for the recycling of energy and resources

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