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Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering

 The environment which surrounds us consists of various areas of human society and nature, and provides a base for human activities. In order to create a pleasant and affluent environment in cities and other areas of living, it is necessary to examine the present condition of the environment and to improve its quality over the long term. The department provides students with comprehensive instructions in environmental planning and design as well as in civil engineering.


Education and Research Field
 Environmental Evaluation: The environment is classified into the physical environment such as air, water and soil and the social environment such as human activities. The development of environmentally sound technology is needed in order to provide a proper living environment and to ensure its development based on the integration of information from both aspects of the environment. The education and research of this field are mainly concerned with observation, analysis and evaluation of the environment in relation to the development of environmentally sound technology.

 Environmental Planning: As the material living standard has generally improved, the need of people for mental enrichment and the close relationship with nature has also increased. However, the severity of recent environmental problems has made us aware of the serious limitation of natural resources, and has prompted us to establish a better relationship between human society and nature. The education and research subjects of this field cover a wide range issues on environmental planning, and aim at a comprehensive planning system which would lead us to a sustainable development between human society and nature.

 Environmental Design: In order to create a social infrastructure which sustains progressive economic activities and living standards, social problems must also be considered from the point of view of beauty and comfort which includes such other features as safety, convenience, and capability. Approaching the environment in this way, this field offers instructions and research programs in the technology and methodology of spatial design and such social infrastructures as the underground and waterfront.

Staff and Research Projects

Research Areas Instructors Theme
Applied Structural Computational Machanics Prof. Satoshi NISHIYAMA Development of modeling and analytical methods for reducing the risk of geohazard
Assoc. Prof. Kazushi KIMOTO Application of vibration and wave propagation theories to the monitoring of civil infrastructures
Environmental vibration and energy engineering Prof. Shinji HIEJIMA Study on wind and tidal current power generation
Environmental Conscious Materials Prof. Toshiki AYANO Durability of concrete structures
Assoc. Prof. Takashi FUJII Development of environment conscious materials for construction works
Engineering in Environmental Geotechnics Prof. Yuji TAKESHITA Geotechnical site characterization by in-situ non-destructive testing
Assoc. Prof. Byeongsu KIM Study on mechanical behavior for prevention and mitigation of soil-structure’s disasters (Natural slope, Embankment, etc.)
Groundwater Engineering Assoc. Prof. Mitsuru KOMATSU Research on investigation of groundwater flow and preservation of geo-environment
Hydraulic Engineering Assoc. Prof. Keisuke YOSHIDA Study on prevention and mitigation of fluvial disasters
Assoc. Prof. Ryosuke AKOH Development of practical hydraulic model and numerical simulation for water disaster prevention
Water Cycle Assessment Assoc. Prof. Mitsuyo SAITO Nutrient transport, transformation and biogeochemical process in surface and ground water in coastal watershed
Solid Waste Management Prof. Takeshi FUJIWARA Research on development of solid waste management towards sound material-cycle society
Assoc. Prof. Yasuhiro MATSUI Research on system analysis for waste management
Asst. Prof. HABORU Study on material flow and environmental and resource impact analysis for strategic waste management
Environmental Measurement and Control Prof. Katsuya KAWAMOTO Effective and safe disposal of solid/liquid wastes, and development of material and/or energy recovery
Environmental Management Assoc. Prof. Hideaki NAGARE Water treatment, resource recovery, water environment management
Atmospheric Environment Assessment Assoc. Prof. Toru IWATA Evapotranspiration and GHG exchange processes across air-ocean and air-terrestrial interface
Planning of Sound- Material Cycle Society Assoc. Prof. Takehito UJIHARA Urban and regional planning in an era of population decrease and environmental constraint
Urban and Environmental Planning Prof. Seiji HASHIMOTO Urban Transportation planning for Sustainable society
Regional Cultural Landscape Assoc. Prof. Teruhisa HIGUCHI Study on technological histories of civil engineering