Admission Policy

All four Departments of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology expect challenges from all prospective individuals highly motivated and competent to enrich the living environment in the 21st century.

Department of Environmental and Mathematical Sciences
At the Department of Environmental and Mathematical Sciences, we are challenging towards the solution of problems related to a wide range of environments based on mathematics and statistics through computerized operations. We seek for persons with basic scholarship in mathematics and English to be able to willingly grapple with hard problems.

Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering
We are demanding human resources who are aspiring to become specialists involved with environmental problems and social infrastructure engineering.
・Persons who will seek after the ought-to-be society enabling the co-existence of nature and human beings and struggle to achieve such a society
・Persons who will capture the broad-ranging features of environmental issues both on the aspects of natural and social sciences and try to gain deep understanding of the matter.
・Persons who take an interest in designing social infrastructures and highly motivated to study construction engineering and civil engineering.
・Persons who have basic scholarship to be able to mathematically understand the various fact relations constituting the environment and social infrastructures, in particular, those who have basic knowledhe of mathematics, physics and chemistry.
・Persons who have verbal aptitude to be able to communicate the results of investigation and survey succinctly and correctly.
・Persons who have linguistic skills enabling them to be internationally active, in particular, those with sufficient proficiency in reading, writing and speaking in English.

Department of Environmental Management Engineering
At the Department of Environmental Management Engineering, we aim to foster human resources who will be able to create affluent regional spaces and have broad-ranging knowledhe of the theories and technologies to manage the situs, and also capable of dealing appropriately in the international arenas. Based on these conceptions, the department is seeking for personalities as shown below:
1.Those who have basic scholarship in natural science such as mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, etc., and take wide-ranging interests as well in the subjects of cultural/social sciences including geography, politics, economics, history, and so on.
2.Those who have actively and voluntarily motivated to study the themes in relation to the contents of the professional education shown below, and aim to have a career in the creation of affluent regional spaces through explorations into the respective subjects.
(1)Maintenance, repair and conservation management of various ecosystems, soils and food production infrastructures
(2)Quantitative evaluation of water circulation and materials circulation together with the design/construction/maintenance of the related facilities.
(3)Public policy/land-use planning/landscape management for the creation of regional spaces harmonized with the environment

Department of Environmental Chemistry and Materials
At the Department of Environmental Chemistry and Materials, we will cultivate the human resources having basic knowledge and technical skills for the solution of problems and competent in flexible thinking required for the creation of innovative environmentally-harmonized technologies on the basis of chemistry and chemical technologies. Highly-motivated prospective individuals are welcomed. We welcome:
(1)persons willing to grasp environment/energy issues scientifically for the solution of problems;
(2)persons willing to be involved with the development of the materials useful for the environmental preservation as well as the chemical processes with low environmental burden; and
(3)persons willing to contribute to the building of material recycling societies.